Marilyn Darrell

Photographs have always fascinated me. From the time I was a child I would spend countless hours pouring over old photos - studying, searching, looking, analyzing, and digging into the details. I continue to seek the essence, the authenticity, and the true nature of a moment in images I take and images I am viewing.  I love taking photos and consider it a privilege and an honor when someone allows me to take theirs. My journey as a photographer allows me to do some of my favorite things in life - meet people, travel, hear amazing music, have fun, and see things differently. My goal as a photographer is to take images that I am proud of and that exceed my clients expectations. I have a strong work ethic and attention to detail and commitment to the project. Please feel free to contact me. I am located in Lockhart, Texas but my work takes me throughout the world. Primarily taking pictures in Texas, the Southwestern United States, and the West Coast.